Serve those suffering from Drug Addiction and Alcoholism by providing structured Recovery Housing in the La Plata County, CO and San Juan County, NM communities, along with various resources / support to help house members transition back to a fully self-supporting sober living environment on their own. 


1. Substance abuse is causing devastation in La Plata County – homelessness, suicide, suffering… 

2. There are no local Rehabs or Structured Recovery Housing in the area 

3. Travel and cost to attend a 28 day rehab facility make it impossible for many individuals 

4. Individuals exiting incarceration, rehab, detox, etc. are in need of transitional housing and support 

5. Structured Recovery Housing offers an affordable, local option 

6. Structured Recovery Housing is a serious need for our local community 

SOLUTION: Establish a Structured Recovery Home, along with supplemental sober living onsite or nearby. 

Recovery Home Vision: 

1. Structured and Organized Recovery Home with a 90 day commitment 

2. ~ $600 per month with Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Provided 

3. Onsite Paid House Manager will operate the Recovery Home Program 

4. Employment – House Members shall seek paid employment 40 hours per week. The 40 hours may be supplemented with approved alternative hours of work on the property, volunteer work, or therapy. 

5. Facility will be located in an area with public transportation available 

6. Resources and Support – Networking and Partnering with various programs and resources in the community will help house members with various needs for a holistic approach to rebuilding their lives. 

Sober Living Vision: 

1. Onsite or nearby Sober Living will be monitored for house members to stay sober but will not have any structure. 

2. Will be made available as first priority to members exiting the 90 day Recovery Home Program 

3. Sober Living will be made available to anyone looking for sober housing if beds are available 

4. Sober Living helps Recovery Home Members to transition to living on their own without structure, and sober living tenants create a sober community that offers support and friendship to new Recovery Home Members in early sobriety. 


1. Raise $400,000 by July 2024 for the capital required for a downpayment 

2. By December 2024 find and purchase a suitable property for the facility 


1. We are in need of financial support to raise the money required for the downpayment for this facility. 

2. We are in need of our local community to embrace and support this effort. We are currently raising money towards the down payment for Casa Pura Vida.  Please help us with this much needed effort by donating here: